White Villa Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel

22-28 December, 2017

Breakfast on Shabbat (the first three pictures) a very basic buffet, one type of bread only and fairly sparse, but understandably so. No challah, which is surprising.

During weekdays it’s different. You get a nice little tray with bread and condiments (varying from olives and jams and white cheese to smoked salmon, mozzarella etc) and can also order from a menu. The shakshuka (pictured) is very nice, although more of a poached egg on a tomato  and baguette base, rather than traditional shakshuka. On the other hand, the cheese platter, while offered on the menu, is unavailable. Also, the beautiful presentation and the individual (or by table) little tray means service, while pleasant and attentive, is somewhat slow. Strangely, you get the same size teapot regardless of whether there are one or two of you at the table. Since it only fits 1 ½ cups, that’s annoying.  Overall, therefore, 5.5/10.