Waterfront Hotel, Kuching, 17 June 2023

Another substantial and richly varied, yet somewhat disappointing buffet. On the positive side, plenty of choice, mainly local (which includes Malay, Chinese and Indian as well), but also a sprinkling of Western food. In particular, there are plenty of warm dishes, as well as a very nice omelette/waffle et cetera bar. Also a good choice of vegetables, juices and cereals. What brings this down, however, is the lack of fruit (basically, two types of already cut up fruit or available), the tea (not just bags only, but Liptons at that), and the extremely disappointing bread. (Apparently, this may be a legacy of British colonialism; the United Kingdom is historically not known for its appetising bread.) As is common in Southeast Asia, the cutlery is fork and spoon only. The knives (good to have if you want to spread butter on your piece of toast), are carefully hidden, and you need to find them. It would not take much to raise this to level of a very superior breakfast. But as it is, I’m afraid I can only give it 5.5/10.