Van der Valk Hotel, Tilburg, Netherlands, 23 February 2020

The Van Der Valk hotel in Tilburg is relatively new, opened around a year and a half ago. So what could we expect from this breakfast? As you enter the food area there is a  most comprehensive selection of breads, rolls and pastries of all kinds. As it is Carnival time in the South of Holland there was even a cream filled cupcake in carnival colours and the carnival symbol imprinted on white chocolate adorning it. Full marks for culinary ingenuity.

Then comes an array of juices, water and milk including soya.Trays of cheeses, sausages and smoked salmon follow. There is a egg station where you can have eggs as you like them, though only saw cheese and fine chopped vegetables as options to add to the omelette. There is also ready made scrambled or fried eggs. All the ingredients of a full British breakfast are there; baked beans, mini sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon etc.

In addition there is an extensive selection of granola, cereals, fresh fruit jams for the more health conscious. Two self-grinding coffee machines serve up fresh coffee with all the variations though one personal gripe is there is no decaf option and I saw only one sachet of decaf. There is an array of tea coming in individual tea bags, no loose leaf to brew. The cost €17.

Now having followed the Stein Brothers Travel Breakfast blogs for some time now I am aware of the heavy responsibility to write and give a score….. let me beforehand declare a family connection to them being a third cousin. We stayed for two nights two breakfasts and were impressed by the selection, quality and presentation, disappointed by the absence of decaf and a loose tea option so 8.5/10.

(Thank you Oren Zauder for contributing this review.)