Scandic, Täby, 27 October 2021

This is yet another example of why Swedish hotel breakfasts are so good. The hotel is perfectly ordinary, nice but nothing fancy. However, the breakfast is excellent. A nice spread of breads, freshly baked of course (good croissants), cold cuts, cheese and vegetables. And in contrast with some other places I have seen, the cheeses are clearly labelled. The warm offerings include two(!) types of pancakes, as well as meatballs. There is loose-leaf tea. A corner is set aside with a good choice for vegans or people with allergies. On the – very slightly – negative side, there are neither herring, nor salmon (although I was told they used to have salmon); I had trouble finding the milk; and even though I had breakfast when the restaurant opened, they had ‘run out’ of semi-skimmed milk. Still, this was an excellent breakfast and I think worth 8/10.