Royal International Hotel, Leipzig , 12 November 2022

This is a difficult one. On the one hand, it is a very nice buffet. Good choice of bread, salads and vegetables, cold cuts (including meatballs) and cheeses. No fish, but we are relatively far from the sea. A smaller, but still decent choice of warm dishes. Also a reasonable selection of cereals, yoghurts and fresh fruit and fruit salad. So what makes it difficult? The coffee drinkers in the party said that the coffee was average at best (although one comment praised the very interesting coffee spoons); there were no waffles or crêpes or pancakes; and above all, the fruit juice was from concentrate, not freshly squeezed. As against that, there were some very nice sausages. In my opinion, this was certainly better than average, but perhaps not much better. Therefore, 5.5/10.