Rizal Park Hotel, Manila, 13 June 2023

I am somewhat stumped by this breakfast. On the one hand, as the photos show, it is a fairly substantial and varied buffet. That is good. However, and unusually, it is almost entirely “local“. This in itself is not necessarily bad, although it would be nice if some of the names of the dishes were accompanied by an explanation of what they are. That would be particularly important for anyone with any allergies. Looking at specifics, the tea is bags only (and just two kinds); there are no cold cuts; and the bread is exceedingly disappointing, much of it soft and/or sweet, often with custard or similar inside. On the other hand, there is a large range of warm dishes, good choice of salads and an omelette bar. The choice of fruit is disappointing (a tray of cut up fruits), and there is not much in terms of cheese. On the other hand, plenty of pastry, pancakes, and French toast. It is a difficult one to mark, since I have to balance between my own tastes, and a somewhat more “objective“ view. All things considered, I would give this 6/10.