Radisson Blu Waterfront, Stockholm, 22 October 2021

All Swedish breakfasts are not good. But the good ones are excellent! This is one of those. Another rich spread of warm food (the bacon is crispy!; and if you don’t eat pork, there are chicken sausages as well), cold (including smoked salmon, herring and a very nice fennel-spiced salami), five types of cheese, lots of cereal, fruit and vegetables. There are also pancakes with a choice of stuff to put on them. Coffee comes from a machine, but there is a dedicated tea corner, with four types of loose leaf tea as well as the bags. And, of course, pastries (although no cinnamon buns, the Swedish one that is so superior to anything found in other countries). Finally and perhaps needless to say, a well-stocked lactose- and gluten-free corner. Any drawbacks? There was no egg/omelette bar, and the only milk I could find (I did look, but perhaps not enough) was 3%, i.e. full fat. Still, easily worth 9/10.