Radisson Blu, N’djamena, Chad 15 October 2022

A luxury breakfast with very polite service as it should be in the biggest hotel in the country. I prefer a light breakfast with plenty of fruit and beans. There were various kinds of meat: lamb, steak, bacon and chicken korma, most of which is produced locally because they have a large herds of different kinds of animals, providing both meat and dairy products. The only thing that I’ve felt a bit sorry about was the lack of vegetables and herbs. Initially, I thought that most vegetables are imported from neighbouring countries. However, I then discovered that there is a lot of fertilised land along the river (which also marks the border with Cameroon) and next to the hotel was also a small vegetable garden.

I almost couldn’t find any dish made from mushrooms (perhaps too expensive to import?). Even though Radisson Blu is an international hotel chain, they still serve breakfast, with particular dishes from Africa: lamb stew with red beans, fish stew with local herbs, and the special spicy sauce. I was surprised by how sour the yoghurt was (no sugar) and they drink tea with sugar and milk, something we never do in Vietnam.

Overall, I think the breakfast is good quality with a nice choice of dishes and I liked it. However, while good, I would not rate it excellent, and therefore give it 7/10. (Bình Thi Thanh Cà)