Radisson Blu, Cardiff, 16 March 2018



Not quite sure what I would have expected here, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. A very nice spread, including cold cuts, fish, cheese, vegetables, various kind of nuts and dried fruit for your cereal and a good variety of bread. A poster with an apology for only having boiled or fried eggs in the buffet, but you could order scrambled etc and there was also a menu for other orders. Perhaps a little light on the fresh fruit, but a set-up to squeeze your own oranges for juice. Good choice of teas as well, including loose leaf, and — a very nice extra touch for the man with the Polish background — slices of lemon, lime or orange to put in your tea. The menu welcomed you to the best breakfast in Wales. I wouldn’t know, but it certainly is excellent and I’m happy to give it 7/10, which in my book and on this blog is very good.