Publica Isrotel, Herzliya, Israel, 13 February 2018

As I noted in the introduction, the Israeli hotel breakfast is one of my favourites. Last December I was a bit disappointed by the two I reviewed then. This one, by contrast, is excellent. A large spread of bread, cheeses, herring, various yogurts, fruit and fruit concoctions, and loads of different egg dishes including shakshuka and very nice (ie, not overdone) scrambled eggs. Also cereal etc. A possible drawback is that you have to go to the bar to order your hot drink, and the bar is only manned by one person, so it may take time. Also, very loud music in the garden. No cold cuts, of course, as this is a dairy restaurant (part of the rules of kashrut). And no loose leaf tea. Nevertheless, an excellent breakfast and well worth a score of 8/10.