New Hotel of Marseille-Le Pharo, 20 November, 2021

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I am normally not very impressed by French hotel breakfasts (there are exceptions; after all, one of my favourite breakfasts was in France, as outlined in the introduction to this Travel Breakfast Blog). This Marseille hotel has a reasonable, if relatively small, buffet. Warm dishes are limited to eggs and (not very attractive-looking) bacon, but there is an excellent choice of breads, not just croissants and baguettes. Also a nice selection of cheeses, some cereal and some limited cold cuts and yoghurts. There is a dripping honey comb, which is always nice. Also fruit salad and a variety of fresh fruit (but again, on one of our days looking distinctly past it’s best). On the negative side, tea is (of course) bags only; the orange juice is made from concentrate; and there are no vegetables. Nor is there any choice for people who may be gluten-intolerant or vegan. Overall, therefore, I would say all right, but nothing special. 5/10.