MS Kong Harald, 6 July 2019

This is my first cruise ship breakfast review. Let me first of all say that even if the breakfast was worthless, this cruise — Hurtigruten, the Norwegian coast from Kirkenes to Bergen — would still be worth it. Fortunately, the breakfast is far from worthless. After all, this is Scandinavia (and that certainly shows in the price!). Taking the drawbacks first, the tea is only bags and the fruit is a bit uninspiring. On the other hand, an excellent spread of cold cuts, cheeses, salmon (three types, including a juniper-smoked variant), herring, nice breads with lots of choice and (mirabile dictu) a good toaster. Also yoghurts, nice Danish pastries (ie, not British or American but the real thing) and plättar, the small Scandinavian pancakes, with choices of jam, including cloudberry. And a warm dish spread as well. All in all, extremely nice and I’m happy to say 8.5/10.