Medevi Brunn, 15-17 June,2018

We came here to bike V├Ątternrundan, 300km in 24 hours. So an excellent breakfast is certainly important. Let me first say that the spa is charming. As for breakfast, again, a nice spread of Swedish specialties, including prinskorv (cocktail sausages for want of a better translation), excellent choice of cold cuts and cheeses as well as cereals and jams. Only two fruits (watermelon and banana), but still a choice. No fish (i.e., no herring). More peculiar is the absence of butter, replaced by two non-butter spreads. Overall, very nice and the absence of butter is the only reason I give it 6/10 instead of 6.5. And as for V├Ątternrundan – we both completed it in 18 1/2 hours.