Ma’agan Eden Hotel, Ma’agan Eden, 6 July 2023

 Situated on the shores of the Sea of Galilee is the kibbutz run Ma’agan Eden hotel. I was invited by a visiting friend to join her for breakfast. The breakfast place resembles the dining room in the communal  kibbutz, self service on trays. There is a lovely view over the Sea of Galilee which adds to the ambience. It has the standard Israeli breakfast spread, plenty of salads prepared or you can make up your own, different dairy products, soft and hard cheeses, surprisingly no olives! The hot section was a bit disappointing; no omelette bar but trays of ready made eggs and pastries. The pickled herring was excellent and the bread  was delicious, hot and fresh. Coffee machine was satisfactory though tea enthusiasts such as the regular author would mark them down for only having an average selection of tea bags. Overall an enjoyable breakfast, the ambience, views, salads and herring warrant a solid 5.5/10. (Oren Zauder)