JW Cafe, JW Marriott, HaNoi, VietNam, 27 October 2023

I am going to have to change my starting point. I used to think that the three best hotel breakfasts in the world were the North American (when properly done, something sadly not as frequent anymore); the Nordic; and the Israeli/Middle Eastern. It is clear that I now have to add the East/Southeast Asian breakfast, at least the Vietnamese one. This restaurant claims to have the biggest breakfast buffet in HaNoi, and I believe them. I have never had to upload 11 pictures, and even with that, it doesn’t do justice to the choice. In addition to “the usual”, i.e., western, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, there is an Indian section as well. Excellent choice, with everything fresh and nicely presented and top quality. Very good egg bar. The staff helped me pick Vietnamese dishes, which were delicious (and I’m not usually keen on the Eastern breakfast). Good spread of bread, cheese, vegetables, cold cuts, fish and fruit. Tempting pastries, good choice of yoghurts and smoothies. An extra bonus was the ice cream bar (I shouldn’t have, but I did). I was unable to sample everything, even though I did my best, but everything I tried was delicious. This is easily worth 9/10 and if the tea had loose-leaf instead of bags, it would have been 9.5/10.