Il Guelfo Bianco, Florence, Italy, 3 May 2023

I am not generally a big fan of Italian breakfasts, they tend to focus on sweet pastries and cakes. So with a little trepidation, I came to breakfast and was pleased to see some chopped tomatoes seasoned in olive oil and oregano, hard boiled eggs, yellow cheese, buffalo mozzarella and two types of ham. Also there was a selection of croissants, cakes etc. When in Italy one drinks coffee (sorry all you Anglophile tea drinkers) but be mindful to order Cappuccino before 11am in order not to invoke the wrath of the barista !! Also there was a selection of  fruit juices, yogurts and cereals. Combined with a very pleasant courtyard and pleasant service I give a score of 6/10. (Oren Zauder)