Hyatt Regency – the Churchill, London, 9 July, 2022

Breakfast today at the Hyatt Regency – The Churchill, to see a good friend from the States on one of his increasingly rare trips to London. Seeing him again was a total delight. The breakfast, on the other hand, was a total disaster – by a long way the worst breakfast I have ever had in a serious hotel.

The tables were small. The staff were unfriendly and more interested in ensuring we paid for the breakfast than whether we enjoyed it. The napkins were paper. The coffee when finally brought was lukewarm, and the staff needed reminding to provide milk with it. The choice of juice was orange or apple; one gets a better choice in motorway service stations (grapefruit, cranberry, …).

The cooked breakfast was simply awful. Lukewarm at best, fried eggs destroyed, dry, cheap sausages, and ordinary and halal bacon mixed up and insufficiently labelled.

And then to cap it all, when we both left the table to refill our plates, they cleared the table completely and we had to ask for fresh coffee, cutlery, napkins etc when we returned to our seats.

And not a word of apology for any of the above. Zero stars would be generous.

John Nugée