Hotel Skansen, Båstad, Sweden, 9 October 2020

The hotel management is very covid-aware. You’ll find hand sanitizers everywhere and especially in the restaurant. The breakfast buffet is divided into two desks and the lines are well organised. The number of tables is reduced to create distance between guests. You can ask to be served at the table if you feel uncomfortable about the buffet. There is a rich variation of cold meet but only a few kinds of cheese. No peanut butter. The veggies are tomatoes, red peppers and pickled cucumber. The hot servings are bacon and egg. No hot veggies. There are several kinds of diary products and cereals. There is a desk with gluten- and lactose-free products. Orange juice not exciting, but don’t miss the locally produced apple juice! Coffee and tea not exciting. You can make your own waffles, if you find the place which was hidden from the buffet. Note that many  guests and locals begin the day with a swim at the Kallbadhuset (cold bath house) in the crisp Kattegat October water! That would definitely improve your appetite! And the view from the hotel is stunning.

Overall rating, 7/10.

(Thank you Eva Stein for contributing this review.)