Hotel Royal, Gothenburg, Sweden, 16 July 2023

There is a waffle iron so that you can prepare your own waffles, something very much appreciated. Good choice of vegetables and sandwich spreads, although the pre-sliced cheese is standard. I find herring at the breakfast table strange, but apparently there are many who like it. The bacon looked crispy, but my inspection is limited to looking at it. The juice is hardly freshly squeezed, but the scrambled eggs were good and made from egg, not powder. In addition, they had added some chives to the scrambled eggs, so I forgive them for the bland spicing. Many kinds of different bread. There were cakes and fresh fruits to the coffee. The rRoyal also has its own creation, some kind of glorified scrambled eggs. Doesn’t do it for me, sadly. Nevertheless, pretty good and the overall mark is 6/10. (Lena Karlin)