Hotel Roma, Florence, 8 April 2022

Italian hotel breakfasts are not among on my particular favourites. The bread is usually boring, the cold cuts probably all right, generally it’s pretty much run of the mill. The attitude seems to be, “here is some food to eat before you go out”, but no more than that. That fits fairly well with the description for the breakfast at the Hotel Roma. The bread is fresh, that’s nice. There is a lot of pre-packaged food, perhaps because of the pandemic. The cheese looks unappetising (I didn’t even try). The selection of fruit is not very good (I had one apple, it was bland). The hot food consists of scrambled eggs. Oh, and the tea is bags – of course. All in all, I would say that it is somewhat varied, and, being very generous, I would rate it at 4/10. And then, on the last day of the stay, things suddenly improved, with more and different types of (non-plastic) cheese, fresh cold cuts, nice looking cakes and more. So in the end, a slightly better, but still below-average 4.5/10.