Hotel Metropole, HaNoi, 15 October 2022

This was truly a spectacular breakfast, easily one of the best I have ever had. Its only possible recent rival was another Vietnamese breakfast, that of the Allegro in Hoi An.

So, details: there is a la carte, but for me, the attraction was of course the munificent buffet. There is a wide-ranging choice: hot dishes and an egg bar, with both Eastern (not only local, by the way) and Western dishes. The bread is excellent and cements Vietnam’s reputation for having the best baguettes east of Paris, while the croissants were top-rate. Plenty of fruit and vegetables, cold cuts, both meat and fish (smoked tuna and seabass in addition to the salmon) and a good choice of cheese. Condiments galore, goes without saying. A choice between pancakes, waffles and crepes. And the tea is loose-leaf. And so, for the first time in the history of the Travel Breakfast Blog, I’m awarding a rating of 10/10. Anything less would not be possible.