Hood River Hotel, Hood River, OR, USA, 16 August 2023

Strangely, the restaurant menu in this hotel is heavily Nordic-influenced, with dishes from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Apparently, the original owners were Swedish. On the negative side, service was exceedingly slow; and when we asked for milk with our tea, we were given a little flask of frothy warm milk. When we said that we wanted cold milk, the reply was “most people are charmed by the warm milk”. That being said, everything was delicious, nicely prepared and ample portions. The herring was excellent, as were the Danish pancakes (the ones that look like, but were definitely not, doughnuts). An extra plus is that the lactose intolerant member of our party had a choice of different types of non-dairy milks. Overall, this was the best breakfast so far on this trip, and so clearly worth 7.5/10.