Grand Hotel Excelsior, Valletta, 15 October 2021

The breakfast here is an interesting concept. It is a buffet (good marks!). But it is an “assisted buffet“. This means that you choose what you want, but it is handed to you on the plate by the staff. A good way of dealing with the vagaries of not just Covid, but probably a lot of other health risks involved in buffet meals. On the positive side, the buffet is large and varied, with both cold and hot dishes, vegetables and a wide variety of fruit. Somewhat less positive is that there is only one type of tea (needless to say, bags); the bread selection, as is almost always the case in southern Europe (with the notable exception of France), is disappointing. The scrambled eggs were quite rubbery. I am finding it difficult to make up my mind. It is better than average, but probably only very slightly better, so I’ll settle for 6/10.