Deans Place, Alfriston, 29 August 2021

The good news is that this breakfast was partly a buffet, which is much preferable to having to order from a menu. That being said, the buffet part was limited: a few pastries, fruit salad and some jams and honey. No fresh fruit, no cheese (admittedly one in our party asked for cheese and got a few slices), no cold cuts. The menu contained scrambled eggs and a few other variants of eggs (Benedict, Royale, Florentine), a full English and a vegetarian option of the same and porridge. The different options tasted fine, but there was really nothing special, and the presentation was ordinary. And, of course, the tea was bags only (this is Britain after all!). I would give a below average 4.5, but the Eggs Royale were really very nice. Therefore, 5/10.