Cathay Pacific Business Lounge, Heathrow Terminal 3, 12 May 2018


In my previous post I mentioned that I am biased in favour of the Swedish hotel breakfast. Similarly, I have probably been biased against airport lounge breakfasts. But, as readers of this blog know, I have recently had some very pleasant experiences in Vietnam. Today I had another pleasant surprise. The Cathay Pacific Business Class lounge – not even First Class, as there were four of us and I could only bring one guest into the First Class lounge but we could all go into the Business Lounge – has an excellent breakfast. Wide choice of  tea, nice buffet, artisan bread rolls and crispy croissants, mortadella (a favourite of mine) among the cold cuts, salads, fruits etc. And that’s before even trying the noodle bar. BA Business Class lounges have a lot to learn. I’m very happy to award this 6.5/10.