Black Diamond Hotel, Tirana, 9 September 2022

On the plus side, a nice choice of bread and a little bit of everything (fruit, vegetables, cereal, warm dishes, pastries et cetera). The scrambled eggs were good, as were the sausages, but the bacon was not crispy. On the minus side, you had to ask for butter and it wasn’t even real butter when it came (I should say that real butter suddenly appeared on day three of our stay); the coffee machine was broken (which nobody told you about until you found out for yourself); only one type of teabag and only tiny cups to serve it in; and the croissants were all filled with Nutella or something similar. There was no sliced bread for toasting, even though there was a toaster. On the last day of our stay, there were no teabags at all, and neither of the by now two coffee machines was working. Teabags finally appeared, but only after I had pointed out that this was a ridiculous state affairs, after which the waitress went to the hotel bar to get some. All in all, I will generously say that they are trying, but also that they are not succeeding, and I wouldn’t give this more than 2.5/10.