Beijing Tianyou Hotel, 19 October 2019

I am not sure what I had expected here, but the result was considerably better. A very large spread of both Western and Chinese food. On the plus side, lots of different bread, the tea was all loose-leaf, and a very nice egg bar. The fruit was sparse (two types of melon only, no other fruit) and there was no cheese (although I didn’t expect any). What was more puzzling was that I found no western cutlery, including nothing with which to spread butter on your toast (I did see a lady try eat her toast with chopsticks). As against that, I draw attention to the lineup of wine and beer bottles, as well as the charming text on some labels, e.g., ‘delicate toast’ and ‘delicious fruit’. I am in a bit of a quandary, but will give it 6.5/10.