3 Spoons, Intercontinental Landmark 72, HaNoi, VietNam, 20 October 2023

This restaurant is on the 62nd floor, so you can work up an appetite in the lift up. As befits a top-class hotel, certainly one in this part of the world (East/Southeast Asia), a substantial multinational buffet. A very nice egg bar. A good improvement was that you could fill out a card for how you wanted your eggs at your table and they would then bring them to you. Saves time hanging around the egg bar. Very good choice of breads, fruit, vegetables and cereals. Also, of course, fish (salmon and smoked seabass, very nice) and cold cuts and cheese. The pink thing on the bread table is strawberry cake, which I did try. The whole coconuts were a good extra touch, although I didn’t have one. The tea was loose lea, croissants were excellent and the French toast and pancakes were good. Anything negative? The sautéed mushrooms were rather bland; and in contrast with, e.g., the Metropole, this is not place where you feel you want to linger around, leisurely sipping your tea. Nevertheless, this was an excellent brakfast and easily worth 8.5/10.