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Stein Brothers is a macroeconomic and public affairs consultancy with a long experience of economic forecasting. We specialise in the study of money and monetary developments, as well as long-term strategic themes and issues of relevance for asset managers. On this website, we will publish articles on these and other topics.

Our latest articles can be accessed below. For older articles, please go to the Articles page, which also links to an archive (including Stein Brothers Comments from the period 2012-2014).

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Other websites of interest

Below are some links to other websites of interest. I don’t always agree with what the authors write, but it is always well worth reading.

Laburnum Consulting is an independent economics and geopolitical commentator, run by John Nugée. A number of articles published here also appear on their web-site, and vice versa.

D.L. Thornton Economics, Dan Thornton was Vice-President and economic advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis. He frequently writes on money and central banks.

China Financial Markets. Michael Pettis is one of the most insightful analysts of the Chinese economy.

Money matters? Perspectives on Monetary Policy. Francesco Papadia writes on monetary policy developments, primarily in Europe.